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The 2022 budget announcement confirmed that the Christmas bonus will be paid out to hundreds of thousands of people across the country this year.

After Minister Heather Humphreys had secured a total social budget of over 900 million euros, a fund of 315 million euros was made available to pay the Christmas bonus.

In addition to the Christmas bonus, welfare recipients nationwide receive an increase of 5 euros.

This includes those receiving unemployment benefits, paternity benefits, and state pension. This increase takes effect on January 1st.

Here you will find everything you need to know about the Christmas bonus 2021.

How many people qualify for the Christmas bonus?

Up to 1.4 million people who are currently receiving social assistance are entitled to the Christmas bonus this year.

How much is the Christmas bonus?

The bonus is 100% of a normal weekly social assistance benefit that applicants receive.

When is it paid?

Payment is expected to be made on December 6th, 2021.

Who is entitled to the Christmas bonus?

This bonus will be paid to all welfare recipients, “including retirees, people with disabilities, carers and single parents,” said Minister Humphreys. PUP recipients also receive payment.

If you are currently receiving any of the following payments, you will qualify for the 2021 Christmas Bonus.

  • State pensions and widow’s / widower’s / partner’s pensions
  • Disability pension, blind pension, disability allowance, care allowance, care allowance, partial benefit allowance, disability allowance, housing allowance and guardianship allowance.
  • One-Parent Family Allowance, Transition Allowance for Jobseekers, Abandoned Wife Benefit and Allowance, and Farm Assist.
  • Back to Work Enterprise Allowance, Community Employment, Rural Welfare System, TÚS and Job Initiative.
  • Unemployment benefit, supplementary allowance for jobseekers, daily allowance (formerly direct pension benefit)

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