Cicis releases 64-slice Piezilla pizza

Cicis has launched the 64-slice Piezilla pizza. It’s a 28-inch pizza made with four pounds of dough that can feed around 15 people, according to a press release.

The pizza was originally created by a Texas franchisee. It’s available for pick-up only beginning May 15.

Piezilla is available only with red sauce and no more than three toppings. The starting price for one topping is $49.99.

“Piezilla truly lives up to its name. This colossal pizza will destroy your appetite without breaking the bank” Jeff Hetsel, president and COO of Cicis, said in the press release. “It was a great idea that was born in one of our restaurants, and we’re excited to elevate it into a menu item to provide all our fans with an affordable, convenient, one-stop option to order while hosting bigger parties or events.”

Cicis has nearly 300 restaurants in 30-plus states.

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