Comedian Pete Davidson orders Denino’s to celebrate show

Comedian Pete Davidson ordered pizza from Staten Island’s Denino’s to promote his Peacock network show, “Bupkis,” according to a report.

Denino’s co-owner Michael Burke flew to California and worked out of a franchisee’s unit in Thousand Oaks.

“In New York we did quite a number for different news outlets and different producers and people,” Burke told the news outlet. “Then, at the same time we did the West Coast. Right now, with this new store we opened two weeks ago, we made the pies. We did pizzas out here and that went to writers and producers plus people like Martha Stewart.”

Burke and his team par-baked the pizzas and added mozzarella letters to spell out “bupkis.” The pizzas were then handed out for consumers to bake at home. Boxes were used with Davidson’s image on them.

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