FreedomPay, Qu to unify restaurant ordering, payments

FreedomPay, a payments provider, and Qu, an order management platform, are partnering to provide a secure, unified dining experience while supporting merchants with cloud-based ordering, loyalty and data analytics capabilities, according to QU CEO Amir Hudda.

“Qu has always prioritized letting brands choose who they partner with for payments processing,” he said in a company press release. “This partnership with FreedomPay increases the choices available to our brand partners while providing a seamless unified commerce experience across channels and across brands.:

The unified solution offers:

  • The ability to unify commerce across properties, channels, and regions within a single open, fully agnostic, flexible platform.
  • A touchless ecosystem that supports contactless payments, QR technology, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
  • A fully integrated end-to-end solution enabling secure payments, identity-as-a-service, loyalty, and business intelligence.

“We’re excited to partner with Qu on our shared goal of creating a unified and connected omnichannel commerce experience for QSR and fast casual restaurants and their guests,” Chris Kronenthal, president of FreedomPay, said in the release. “Together, our combined solutions will give restaurants and their customers a secure, seamless and best-in-class checkout experience.”

Qu’s unified commerce platform connects the on- and off-premises ordering journey with single menu, data and cloud performance, enabling enterprise brands to:

  • Take orders faster with multi-channel and multi-brand capabilities that leverage in-store cloud using edge computing.
  • Make orders accurately using Qu’s fully integrated kitchen and production optimization capabilities to improve guest experiences.
  • Serve orders consistently simplifying the fragmented order journey through bi-directional integration with leading delivery service providers, the API-first platform delivers consistency to guests, operators, and franchises alike.

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