ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – When it comes to tracking your fitness, you may have heard that 10,000 steps is the daily goal you want to achieve. But do you really need that many? What’s Great for Heart Health or Weight Loss?

Three thousand, eight thousand, 15 thousand steps … how much do you do a day?

Most fitness trackers recommend a goal of ten thousand steps a day, or about five miles. But it turns out that there’s not much scientific support behind that number.

A 2019 Harvard study found that regular walking improved the death rate among older women. But the reduction in risk seemed to peak at around 7,500 steps per day. A 2020 NIH study of nearly 5,000 men and women found that those who walked eight thousand steps a day were only half as likely to die early as those who walked four thousand steps a day. But the statistical benefits of taking more steps were not significant.

It is important that you exercise daily. Regular walking has been shown to promote weight loss, reduce the risk of illness, and improve energy levels. A recent estimate found that most adults in the United States, Canada, and other western countries take less than five thousand steps a day on average.