How much is $ 3.5 trillion?

It’s hard to fathom such a number, but let’s try.

3.5 trillion = 3.5 million multiplied by 1 million. Think of that as 3.5 million individual piles of $ 1 million. If you were to place a $ 1 million per 1 foot stack that would be $ 5,280 million per mile.

3.5 trillion divided by 5,280 million = 662.8 miles. That’s a 662 mile journey with stacks of $ 1 million per foot.

If you drove at a speed of 66 mph, you would see evenly spaced stacks of $ 1 million per foot for 10 hours.

Another way to think about $ 3.5 trillion is to assign approximately $ 10,200 in debt to every man, woman, and child in the United States. For a couple with three children, that would be $ 50,000.

This is an incredible burden on the American taxpayer.

If you drove to DC from Boston (440 miles) it was $ 5.280 million per mile, about $ 870 billion left.

This unbelievable amount is beyond the imagination.

Thinking that 0.01% of the richest Americans along with some companies would pay for it is something to think about when driving to DC

Charlie Morris