Privacy Affairs, a company that collects cybersecurity data, has published its annual report on the products available on the dark web. In general, almost everything has gone up in price, these sites are where you can get stolen credit card details, home banking access, hacked emails and much more.

PA reports that sellers of these illegal acquisitions have made more money since the pandemic began due to increased demand. The only thing that has lost its value is access to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts, as well as the followers that you can buy.

Reviews of a seller.

The product list also includes services like Netflix ($ 4 for a stolen account with an annual subscription, brokers and cryptocurrency platforms ($ 400 for a verified Binance account with money), fake documents ($ 150 for a green card). ) and millions of emails for sale ($ 10 per million emails).

Bet on cards

PA has also shared pictures of a seller from these parts. With more than 1,290 confirmed sales and 626 positive reviews, this person is offering false identifications for various regions of the United States. Use Monero for payments as Bitcoin is no longer considered secure (traceable) while encrypted PGP communication is required.

In terms of price, there was an increase in many products compared to 2020. A year ago a credit card was $ 65; now it was $ 120. This “Product” contains card numbers on both sides and a random balance of less than $ 1,000. You can even ask for the card’s location, you can pay less for a card in the US, or more money to get it from another country.

PayPal accounts are also a very valuable commodity, for less than $ 100 you can get accounts with a lot more cash. You can also pay for a “service” to transfer money from a stolen account to yours. The risks of tracing the transaction are there, but obviously many people are looking the other way as these sellers are doing fine.

Cryptocurrency accounts on request.

Privacy Affairs recommends using only authorized ATMs or withdrawing money straight from the box. Likewise, it’s good to install anti-malware and find out about phishing and enable two-step scanning for all of your accounts to protect yourself from most threats.