To Andy Cohen declared “I know what you are doing on this show” to Erika Jayne In the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 reunion trailer, the rest of the world now seems to know too.

A detailed synopsis about the 50-year-old Pretty Mess writer recently published by the New York Times reported that Erika earned $ 600,000 for the 11th season of the Bravo hit. She joined the franchise in 2015 and housewives have previously been reported to earn salary increases as the network renews their contract each season.

Erika Jayne. Jim Smeal / Shutterstock

Us Weekly previously confirmed that Erika is being sued for $ 25 million over her estranged husband Tom Girardi ‘s bankruptcy proceedings. According to NOW, Erika’s expenses covered by his former company Girardi Keese are listed in court documents: $ 1.5 million in payments to a talent agency, $ 260.00 in attorney’s bills, and $ 252,000 to prominent makeup artists and image consultants Troy Jensen.

While investigators Ronald Richards insisted that Erika is “liable” for the $ 25 million whether or not she knew about the alleged mistreatment of her 82-year-old spouse with money, the reality star’s attorney. Evan C. Borge, has denied the statements of the court-appointed trustee.

“Mister. Richards got in touch and told me that he and the trustee wanted to settle the accounts. I have listened and will continue to listen,” Borge told Us Any allegations against Erika amount to holding her responsible for the actions of others, including Girardi Keese and Tom Girardi. “

The spouses, who separated in November 2020, first made headlines when they were accused of embezzling settlement funds for the families of plane crash victims. According to the NYT, Erika has been named in six civil lawsuits related to Tom.

During the eleventh season of RHOBH, the “Xxpen $ ive” singer repeatedly denied knowledge of Tom’s alleged actions. While she’ll be in the hot seat at the four-part reunion that airs on Wednesday October 13th, attorney Jay Edelson confirmed to us that Bravo has been summoned for additional footage by Erika while the case continues.

“We’ve all seen how Bravo drove the Girardi embezzlement scandal to historically high ratings. For the most part, Andy Cohen and Bravo protected Erika and – reportedly – paid her up to $ 600,000 to be on the show that year while she may pose as the main victim of Tom’s crime, “Edelson said in a statement. “Although the reunion trailer suggests that Andy will finally be asking Erika’s tough questions, he’s doing so strategically to get his audience ratings and Bravo even more money. We believe Bravo has a legal and moral duty to cooperate in our litigation so that the real facts can come to light and the families of the Lion Air crash victims can experience justice. If Bravo chooses delay and obstruction, it will officially be a founding member of the growing shipload of people seeking to capitalize on the legal industry’s worst embezzlement scandal. This is really a moment when Bravo is shut up. “

We asked Erika’s team and Bravo for a comment.

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