Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are in the middle of a hot and heavy romance that began after Lopez broke up with longtime boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. Lopez and Affleck share a long history together, and for many fans, the resurgence of their love affair is a throwback to the early 2000s – when Lopez was best known for her work on a number of romantic comedies, and Affleck was Hollywood’s hottest leading actor. With so many fans wondering what the next step will be for Lopez and Affleck, some look back to the earliest days of “Bennifer” and remember the stunning diamond Affleck gave his lover.

When were Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck originally dating?

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck during the California premiere of “Gigli” in 2003. | Chris Weeks / FilmMagic

Lopez and Affleck’s love story began in 2002 when the two began filming the romantic comedy Gigli. Although Lopez was dating her second husband, Cris Judd, at the time, sparks flew between them and it wasn’t long before Lopez and Judd were gone, so Lopez could continue her romance with Affleck. In short, the couple were the hottest topic in Hollywood, with Affleck starring in Lopez’s “Jenny from the Block” music video.

In late 2002, Lopez and Affleck were a fixture on the red carpets and at the center of a media circus. Hence, it was no surprise when the superstar couple took things to the next level by getting engaged.

Ben Affleck proposed marriage to Jennifer Lopez with a stunning Harry Winston diamond

In November 2002, Affleck proposed marriage to Lopez and presented her with a stunning pink diamond engagement ring made by famous celebrity jeweler Harry Winston. “I just thought, ‘Oh God. It can’t be pink over it. ‘ That was just too much for me, ”said Lopez, raving about the 6.1-carat sparkler. The actress was seen everywhere with the diamond on her finger, even at the big premiere of the couple’s film Gigli.

The following year, the star of “Bennifer” rose further and the fans followed her every move. Unfortunately, the media pressure surrounding their relationship took its toll, and after postponing their wedding ceremony, Lopez and Affleck officially split in January 2004. As soon as things began, they were over. Two decades later, much to the surprise of pop culture fans, the long-separated couple reunited – and Lopez and Affleck are hotter than ever.

What is Ben Affleck’s Jennifer Lopez engagement ring worth today?

While Lopez and Affleck are taking their time these days and no news of an engagement has surfaced, many fans have been amazed at the ring that Affleck gave Lopez so many years ago. According to page six, the pink Harry Winston diamond has only gotten more valuable. According to some estimates, the ring has almost doubled in value, being around $ 2.5 million in 2002 and nearly $ 4 million today. Other estimates value the ring even higher, with Mike Fried, CEO of The Diamond Pro, estimating the pink ring to be worth about $ 11 million.

Most interesting of all is the fact that Lopez apparently still has the diamond ring – so if Affleck and Lopez decide to get engaged again, they could just re-use the same stunning piece. Even so, Lopez could decide that she wants a new engagement ring devoid of any history, and if so, Affleck has some work to do to surpass the original engagement ring he gave her so many years ago.

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