Quick says the overdrinking problem in older age groups is only increasing as the country faces persistent lockdown extensions that make it harder to stay motivated and healthy, and stronger those who live alone or have lost their social networks burden in retirement.

The pandemic

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that alcohol sales have increased 26 percent on our shores since the Covid-19 pandemic. Increased stress related to job security, retirement safety nets, and family relationships has led many Aussies to turn to the bottle to manage their stress, but that comes at a price.

“Fear of the unknown is a big deal, and when we are in that state of constant fear, it creates so much fear and we know that alcohol helps with the initial feeling of fear but only increases the fear afterwards,” says Quick.

And since lockdowns put a strain on marriages and family relationships across the country, Quick says she has seen an increase in clients dealing with divorces and family breakdowns.

“We had a couple of empty Nester students who were pushed during Covid to realize that they were not having a healthy relationship. It’s pretty sad, but it helped them leave this relationship and one of them has now even found his soulmate. “

Refrain from alcohol for your health

We’ve heard all about the benefits of quitting alcohol, including weight loss and better health, but Quick says the biggest benefit she sees in her clients is the “massive improvement” in energy, sleep, and overall health and vitality.

For older Aussies in particular, Quick says that it is the improvement in their sleep quality that surprises them most.

“A lot of the empty nest demographics are so used to drinking alcohol and using it as a sleep aid,” she says.

“And they really feel like once they stop drinking they can’t sleep, but when we drink alcohol we don’t get the REM sleep we need, that really nutritious slow sleep that we really need.

“Although it helps us fall asleep because it numbs us, we actually don’t get that good sleep.”

Those who stop drinking also often experience improvements in their mood and emotional well-being.

“When you drink you numb the bad, but you also numb the good. So when people stop drinking, it’s that they feel so much better, not just physically but also mentally on a holistic level, ”she says.

“Alcohol makes mental illness worse. So if there is any type of anxiety or depression, your drinking will only make it worse. “

How to get started

For those looking to quit drinking, or at least reduce their alcohol consumption, Quick suggests identifying the reason you want to change your habits and using that as your motivation.

“It’s important to know why,” she says. “It could be having a great time with your grandchildren or just having the energy to live your life in the best possible way.

“Creating a dream life is really important because it gives you the drive and passion to want to stay sober. Setting up a bucket list and vision board, learning how to manifest, and that’s what many of our empty nests loved because they see manifestation as that fluffy wu-wu term, but in fact there is research that has been done on the process of manifestation support the life we ​​want for ourselves.

“Fear can keep so many people from making this change, if you break this cycle, life is so much better.”

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