Marco’s Pizza brings sausage on 2 LTOs

Marco’s Pizza is rolling out two meaty LTOS — the Sausage Magnifico and the Ultimate Magnifico, both featuring a new old-world sliced sausage, according to a press release.

“Pepperoni Magnifico is our signature product and a hallmark for the brand,” Steve Seyferth, chief experience officer at Marco’s Pizza, said in the press release. “Spinning off this great creation, we wanted to craft a wider range of bold tastes that appeal to sausage and pepperoni lovers alike which led us to upgrading the Sausage Magnifico and the Ultimate Magnifico recipes with our new Old World Sausage.”

The Sausage Magnifico features two types of sausage, the sliced old-world sausage and a classic Italian sausage. The Ultimate Magnifico has the old-world sliced sausage along with both classic Italian sausage and pepperoni.

Marco’s Pizza operates over 1,100 stores in 34 states with locations in Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

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