Ohio-based Plaza Pizza to expand into several states

Columbus, Ohio-based Plaza Pizza will increase its footprint in its home state and will expand into Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Plaza Pizza currently has two locations in Ohio and plans to open six units by the end of 2023, according to a press release.

“Plaza Pizza has been a staple in these communities for more than 50 years and has some fiercely loyal customers,” Brian Claggett said in the press release.

He added that he grew up eating Plaza Pizza and was stationed in the military in Korea when his mother called to let him know Plaza was for sale. After doing some research and due diligence, Claggett and his two siblings, Ben and Olivia, bought Plaza in 2019. He said the establishment has changed since it first opened in the seventies.

“It was a beloved, old-school mom and pop business that only accepted cash or checks,” Claggett added. “But it withstood the test of time because the customers loved the quality and the authentic flavors and ingredients.”

The brand is seeking franchisees, with a special military discount extended to veterans.

“We’ve seen incredible profits from our locations, so we have the playbook on how to succeed,” Claggett said. “In addition to our efficient operations, I believe we’ve been successful because we are focused on doing one thing well — and that’s thin crust pizza. We are not trying to become a jack-of-all trades, and would rather be known as the premier thin crust brand in America.”

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