Pizza Guys bakes up flatbread, calzone ghost kitchen concepts

Sacramento-based pizza franchise Pizza Guys has launched two virtual brands in its kitchens — Calzone life and Pizza Piatta. Calzone life is operating in 54 Pizza Guys, while Pizza Piatta has opened in two locations, according to a press release.

Pizza Guys has seen the demand for carryout and delivery options for new and existing customers increase, and these virtual brands will help the company build new customer bases.

“Virtual brands are top of mind for all restaurant executives,” Kamiar Nejad, VP of Innovation for Pizza Guys and co-founder of Calzone life and Pizza Piatta, said in the press release. “We know the demand is out there and we are already seeing tremendous success with our Calzone life brand. We want to continue to stay ahead of trends and give our guests what they want.”

Pizza Piatta offer Italian flatbread pizzas for carryout or delivery, while Calzone life offer calzones.

“While Pizza has and always will be the center of attention for Pizza Guys, we’ve decided to introduce a few new tasty options for our pizza lovers,” Shahpour Nejad, founder of Pizza Guys, said in the press release. “We have seen that virtual brands are important as people have demanded takeout and delivery options and that continues. We want to implement these new brands to bring depth into our offerings and find new customer bases.”

Pizza Guys currently operates more than 80 stores across three states.

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