Pizza Inn opens in Benton, Arkansas

Pizza Inn has opened a restaurant in Benton, Arkansas. The unit is under the helm of franchisee Scott Brake, according to a press release.

“Pizza Inn has remained a hometown favorite in markets across the Southern United States for 65 years,” Brandon Solano, CEO of Pizza Inn, said in the press release. “Customers love our pizzas with house-made dough we make fresh at every store, every day, 100% whole milk mozzarella shredded in house, and the opportunity to top them with a variety of freshly cut toppings. The fact is, many people fondly remember Pizza Inn as an impactful part of their childhood. That’s why we’re bringing our updated look and beloved business model to markets that were previously part of our geographic footprint, like the Little Rock area. We believe we can recapture fans and leverage our ‘latent brand equity’ in these communities.”

The introduction of a full-service Pizza Inn buffet in Benton illustrates the company’s proactive strategy to reclaim a leadership position within the restaurant industry. During the past two years, the brand has introduced a new prototype and imagery, announced positive net growth of buffet units, reported consistent sales increases, and garnered the attention of franchisees around the world.

“This is the second new Pizza Inn buffet to open in as many weeks,” Solano added. “Our healthy pipeline of new stores indicates our strategy is working. We’ve always focused on really good food, value, and convenience. However, I believe the warmth, authenticity, and emotional appeal of our Pizza Inn brand is what our customers most appreciate. Our restaurants have been called ‘America’s Hometown Pizza’ for more than sixty years because we provide an amazing, family-focused pizza experience that makes us the place for people of all ages to meet, relax and celebrate.”

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