Rapid Fired Pizza introduces Triple-Roni pizza

Ohio-based Rapid Fired Pizza has introduced the Triple-Roni pizza to its lineup, according to a press release.

The pizza features the traditional pepperoni Rapid Fired uses on its pizzas but has added cup-n-crisp and julienne strips of pepperoni.

“When it comes to pepperoni pizza, most places just add more and more slices,” Mike Kern, Rapid Fired Pizza CEO, said in the press release, “but guided by old-school, Italian flavors we took a different approach.

“Delicious flavor isn’t about quantity. Adding different deli-style cuts of pepperoni gives each bite a variety of textures and brings out different flavors.”

The Triple-Roni is available until April 15 while supplies last.

Rapid Fired Pizza has 28 locations and continues to expand across the U.S.

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