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Rocket League’s new Werewolf Pack DLC released August 24th / Photo courtesy of Psyonix / Epic Games

The Rocket League Werewolf Pack is now available in the shop.

On Tuesday, Psyonix released the Rocket League Werewolf Pack. The pack includes three new customization options and in-game currency that players can spend on other cosmetics.

The Rocket League Werewolf Package is $ 19.99, tax-free, in Epic Games, Microsoft, and PlayStation stores. Unlike many other cosmetic packages in Rocket League, the Werewolf package cannot be bought with credits, the game currency.

The pack contains three new cosmetic items for players: a car, a target explosion and wheels. In addition, the package rewards players with 1000 credits that they can spend on other items in the Rocket League item shop.

The Road Hog XL and Werewolf packs are now available in the item shop!

– Rocket League (@RocketLeague) August 24, 2021

The new car is the Werewolf (Crimson) car and has the same hit box as the Dominus, according to the Rocket League official website. The package also includes the new Voxel Goal Explosion and IO: Infinite Wheels (Crimson). The target blast and wheels can be upgraded with limited exceptions for most of the cars in the game, including specialty cars like the Batmobile.

The Werewolf Pack is now available in the Item Shop as the latest addition to Rocket League Season 4.

Rocket League Season 4: Everything You Need To Know

Rocket League Season 4 was released on August 11th and alongside a new western theme / photo courtesy of Psyonix / Epic Games

Rocket League Season 4 brought a lot of new cosmetic items and other big changes to the game.

Psyonix introduced a western theme in season 4, including the new outlaw car, Deadeye Canyon arena, cowboy hat topper, and more. The season also reset the competition ranks and added new playlists and penalties for players who break the rules. Find out more about all of the changes that Season 4 has introduced here.