Sarpino’s USA creates BBQ Pork Belly pizza

Sarpino’s USA has launched a BBQ Pork Belly pizza available until May 31 at all locations in Illinois, Florida, Minnesota and Kansas City, according to a press release.

The pizza features premium pork belly and banana peppers.

“Pork belly is just awesome. It’s like bacon’s favorite cousin and very popular now. Adding it to our menu was an easy choice to make,” Rebecca Kroupa, Sarpino’s USA director of research and development and operations training, said in the press release. “The combination of our savory pork belly along with the acidity of the banana peppers, our tangy BBQ sauce, the crunch of the onions and all covered in our signature cheese blend is hard to resist. Menu innovation and staying on point with current trends is a hallmark of the Sarpino’s USA brand and we knocked it out of the park with this one.”

“Our new BBQ Pork Belly Pizza is something we’ve never done before and reinforces our menu-driven values,” David Chatkin, president of Sarpino’s USA, said in the press release. “At Sarpino’s USA, we’re always looking for ways to surprise and delight our customers through unique, craveable flavor combinations that appeal to a variety of palates using best-in-class ingredients and our made-from-scratch preparation. We are excited to share our latest creation with our loyal customers and guarantee more flavor-packed offerings throughout the remainder of the year.”

Sarpino’s USA operates nearly 50 locations.

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