The ghost of the Israeli spyware Pegasus is out again. It was on the news in 2019. As the opposition searches for answers, the government has given its answer to the questions. But this incident has made people skeptical of their phones. This is because all of the information available about Pegasus is inconvenient.

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Once this spyware gets inside your phone, it will be installed automatically and give the hacker access to your phone.

This spyware can give the hacker access to your phone. The hacker can read your messages, WhatsApp and your confidential emails. It can also read your encrypted messages.

The hacker also gets access to your videos and photo gallery. The hacker can track your location through the GPS. This spyware is so dangerous that it can trigger your phone and not only display but also record your activity.

Experts have said that this spyware mainly attacked iPhones. It can also easily hack your Android phones.

Pegasus is spyware software that was developed by the Israeli company NSO Cyber ​​Technology and is now used to spy on targets around the world. The full name of NSO is Niv, Shalev, and Omri.

Pegasus is considered to be one of the most dangerous spywares in the world that can spy on Android phones and iPhones.

NSO says it only sells this spyware to governments, not individuals. The company has not disclosed the actual price. However, it is said that the cost of a 1-year license is $ 7-8 million. It enables monitoring of 500 phones in a year. It can keep an eye on 50 phones at one time.

The name Pegasus first appeared in India in 2019. Back then, thousands of people were targeted by this spyware via WhatsApp. Many Indians were also targeted.

This raised doubts about WhatsApp’s data protection and security mechanisms. Many users even considered leaving the messaging platform.

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You can spy over the phone

How do you recognize this danger?

How can you avoid spyware like Pegasus?

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Although Pegasus is very sophisticated spyware and not available to private parties, it doesn’t require such sophisticated software to hack your phones. It is also possible with simpler ones.